Divine Spark

by Natty Nation

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JAH Boogie: The Divine Spark is the higher self within everyone, and is the inspiration behind the title of the song and album. I've learned that through raising your vibration and opening your chakras you are able to tap into your divine spark.

I first learned about The Divine Spark from the book "Autobiography of A Yogi" by the teacher Yogananda. AK, Louka & I also learned yoga meditation from the guru, and after seeing the benefits in my life I was inspired to write the first single, "Meditation."

The study of astrology, astronomy, holistic health, metaphysics, esoterica and spirituality also helped to inspire the themes throughout the album.

A lot of the lyrics are very personal to me, and I've opened up more than on any other songs I've released in the past, covering human rights, the stresses that can arise with long term relationships, and the importance of speaking out against bullying.


released March 11, 2016

Tracks 1-10 mixed by Errol Brown
Tracks 11-12 mixed by Natty Nation


all rights reserved



Natty Nation Madison

Metaphysical Hard Roots Rock Reggae band based out of Madison, WI


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Track Name: Balance
As above so below
As without so within
As on earth as in Zion
The beginning and the End

Balance the left with the right
Balance the dark with the light
Balance the low with the high
Balance the blind with the sight
Balance left & right hemisphere.
Balance the scale to make the vision clear.
Balance Galactic atmosphere.
Balance all the joys and the hopes & no fear.

Balance energy
Make us all complete

I'm the moon I'm the dark
I'm the sun I'm the spark
I'm the west I'm the east
I'm the north I'm the south
I'm the war I'm the peace
I'm the cross I'm the ark
Solomon's temple technology of JAH.
Balance the body with the mind.
Balance the chakras in the spine.
Balance all the gross & refined.
Balance all the scales of life.

The basic equilibrium of the universe.
Without the bias & the impious.
Joining Masculine & feminine
To make us whole again.
This is so evident and concept so ancient.
Track Name: Meditation
Aum, oh oh yeah
Aum, oh oh yeah

Got to live the present cause the present is a gift... Give thanks and praises.
Got to find yourself and with that better life to live- it all goes in stages.
It is written in your heart to know that life is but a gift- we have to turn the pages.
Perseverance is a must because the race not for the swift- We have to make some changes.

I & I need some I need some meditation so I can rise above
I & I need some I need some inspiration so I can spread Jah love

So listen and be keen and raise the kundalini
the cosmic energy dwells in all of we.
The psychic one can see with pure sagacity
with cosmology and god philosophy
I'm sure you'll all agree it's all causality
and everything you see is not reality
So follow and you'll know and teach yourself and always grow and with this you have to set yourself free!

It's the calm before the storm
it's the cold before the warm
It's the Mason's cornerstone
it's the reason you are reborn

Got to come together in one love and iNatty
Got to find a better way improve humanity
Shine the light within you put your mind in ecstasy
Find the source of life and don't get caught in fantasy
If you're good yourself then you'll find good company
And when things come together it is serendipity
So live your life and do what's right and shine your light and you will decide
how this life it should be
Track Name: Intimidation
Said I don't like intimidation from no other guy.
Say me no like intimidation and I'll tell ya why.

With your low self esteem and your pride and your greed.
Negative attitude...
And in all honesty no I just can't agree.
You see I'm not that dude.
And how you say things you say things not going your way.
When you act so rude...
And you're blind and don't see what is reality.
And how you must improve...

You're talking tough and all that stuff.
And me you try to bully.
I'll call you're bluff you're not so tough.
You're acting kinda silly.
Right off the cuff I've had enough.
My locks are gray and wooly
Means I'm much too old for you to scold and try to rule me.
But misery loves company and never sound so fun to me.
Try to use my energy and can't take the light.
Now you wanna come test me.
I come with full artillery but enemy I'm not gonna fight.

Passive aggressive / but love I'm manifesting
You can't learn the lesson with the false sense of pride
You can't receive the blessing with all of the aggressing
But love you know you must abide
I hate to see the little man get taken by the bigger man.
But still we must come take a stand.
and hold our ground.
Cause when you try to play it cool they wanna come and eat your food.
And this you see we just can't allow.
Track Name: Suffice
I'm caught in too many directions
and I'm trying so hard to show some love and affection.
But the situation has got me under suspicion.
I'm breaking no rules and needing no protection.

But it won't suffice not to save her life
No it won't suffice not to save my life
But she cries and she cries that she cries tears from her eyes.
And I try and I try and I try... it never suffice.
And she cries and she cries and she cries every time.
And I try and I try and I try... it never suffice.

Pain stricken for no reason at all.
And I'm blaming myself for dropping the ball.
Replying to her at her every beck and call.
And still I can't stop the tears that fall.

Don't believe everything that they're telling you. (Why me?)
Because I'll never do those things to make you feel so blue. (Why me?)
You've got to believe in the love that we have together is true. (Why me?)
'cause i'll never do those things to make you feel so blue. (Why you?)

But it won't suffice not to save my life
No it won't suffice not to save her life
But I cry and I cry and I cry tears from my eyes.
And she tries and she tries and she tries... it never suffice.
And I cry and I cry and I cry every time.
And she tries and she tries and she tries... it never suffice.
Track Name: Purpose
Tell me what you're living for
Why you were even born?
Tell me what you want in life
What's your purpose?

Some of them have the Principles
Still they don't live by them
Some let their hearts grow cold and with this they'll never win
Some are speaking from their soul and can find their spirit
Some stories are never told because we just do not hear it

Some are seeking for riches and that's all they want
Some are seeking for fame and glory and that's so small
Some are looking answers seeking for solutions
Others profit from war, destruction, and all pollution

We've got to find that love that's deep with in the heart I say
And when we find it yes we're going to show them a better way
No matter where they're from, no matter where they go they've got a purpose for survival
And Rastaman you know you've got to feel inside that this is revival yeah!
Track Name: Prophecy
Prophecy... Seeking what is hidden
Seeking what is written inside of me...
Been a long time a long time, long long time now...

I received a message from my soul guides. (soul soul soul soul guide)
akashic records from a source up high. (so so so so high)
Mystic seer seeing symbols thoughts and signs.
Holy teacher leader or rabbi.
Just a showing us the...

In the prophecy written there upon the scrolls.
History is forbidden and you must behold.
Theology see it culture stole.
Archeology discovery of gold.
In the marketplace where the slaves are sold.
History is forbidden and its never told.
So you never know the truth from days of old.

As I look in the obsidian mirror.
Predicting what's to come now my vision's clearer.
You might not know judging from the exterior.
It's transparent, translucent far from impure.
Listen to the prophet - yes be our guide
Listen to the prophet - for the deep insight
Listen to the prophet - for the higher vibes
Listen to the prophet - for the knowledge provide.

Mystic commentary spirit conversation.
Shamanistic healing - highest vibration.
Track Name: I'm Willing
Give me the science, the holy science!

So some are working very hard to achieve their goals yeah!
Some are complacent some are scarred now & do what they're told yeah!
And when there's trouble in the yard
You put your life on hold yeah!
You lift your head up to the God to see the blessing bestowed yeah!

12 signs
12 months
12 disciples
12 tribes
12 prophets written in the bible

Yes I know yes I know that I'm willing
and yes God bless their soul 'cause they're willing.

12 signs
12 months
12 disciples
12 tribes
12 prophets written in the bible
12 breads
12 apostles
12 gates
12 stars
12 stones
12 years in this completion

Lord have mercy on them.
Because they are full of bad vibes
Situation is grim.
So who's the wisest of men?
To reveal the lies and help to defend.
And it's glorious - raise up our minds and start to awaken yeah!
This is the time we are divine and there's no mistaken!

You must know that it's all about the constellations,
and you'll find out the truth when you make the connection!
Track Name: Civil Rights (feat. F.Stokes)
To the martyrs and the leaders and the speakers yeah!

I'll never forget them/the ones that laid down their lives
I'll never forget them/the ones that died for civil rights
No I'll never forget them/even though it was a different time
But we'll never forget them/even though they only teach us lies

Marcus, Malcolm, Martin the king.
Huey and Bobby, Mandela, and Steve.
Harriet, Rosa, sista Betty.
They fought in the name of black liberty.
If it wasn't for you then there wouldn't be me.
So what has happened to you should not happen to me.
And the leaders today there are none left to see.
Because they take them down with FBI and police.

I write my verses sittin' shotgun in them hearses
From the land where old ladies be keepin' shotguns in they purses
Use the blood of slaves to write in cursive on my gravestone
My nigga Muhammad's like, "Right? We shine 'til the shade gone."
Move like a Haitian with the hands of a Mason
controlling mind body & soul with simple multiplication
Revolution, but my hands tied, my mama say that man died
from The War On Drugs the ghetto winning by a landslide
Define revolution. Is the pain I feel divine retribution?
or is the answer in this cancer stick?
'cause when I talk that peace shit my niggas looking for a channel switch
In San Francisco homeless I was sleeping out by Candlestick
Trying to get my hands on a dollar and a plan
but it's hard to live legit when they treat you like half a man.
Writing my verse in this iPhone, hoping my vision pan out,
'cause when you black and successful everybody got they hands out.

Got to give credit where credit is due.
Because little ones today they don't have a clue.
They have no idea what the elders went through.
They think that the lie is somehow the truth.
But we all live with pride and we are living proof.
And we won't be dismayed and we won't be aloof.
We have to get ourselves together rally the troops.
And when we see the freedom fighter come we must salute.

Cause you lift us up and keep us up and push us straight ahead.
Never let us down though the system tried to leave us all for dead.
Yet they risked their life to obtain their rights and protect us from the Feds.
Through the pain and the strife and with all of the plight and all the tears we shed.
Track Name: Negus Negast
If you're white you're alright/ if you're brown stick around
If you're black then get back/ and you know its a fact
It's the way that they act/ and the slavish attack
And the knowledge they lack that is holding them back now.

First they had us in physical slavery, now they have us in mental slavery
and you know that they could never save we.
We have to wake up and face them with bravery.

If we only knew our history (yea yea yea yea yea)
We could see through the lies and solve the mystery
If we only knew our royalty (yea yea yea yea yea)
We can sit on our throne just like the king of kings

Captured in a world of frustration.
Lack of hope all misdirection.
I cry out at all the destruction.
Running from the terror and all the corruption.
Fleeing the beast with seven heads.
Angels blowing on their trumpets.
Calling out priest Melchizedek
When dem come they have to get respect.

Negus Negus Negus Negast
Ancient Ethiopian from the past
From Madagascar to Sudan (oh yea)
Coming from the shores of Alkebulan Alkebulan
He is the first and he is the last
Track Name: Divine Spark
Rise through the spine!

With this cosmology the purpose of life is to find and release
from the prison of your body. Trapped inside is our divinity.
It's the God that is perceived as a being of light within humanity,
and it goes beyond belief when you're dealing with experience & energy.
Gnostic Christ is the avatar rising out of a distant star.
But we never knew who we are 'cause we all wear the battle scars.

We're moving into the 5th dimension: a new frequency,
and we're traveling beyond space & time and new galaxies.

We all have a divine spark
Open up your heart
And loosen up your chakra system
So if you're living in the dark
Won't you play your part
And start the process of ascension

With the metaphysical
With the mysitical
And the spiritual
And the magical
And the miracle
It's the principle
And the ritual
It's so simple
Track Name: 5th Dimension Dub
(see "Divine Spark")
Track Name: She Cries Dub
(see "Suffice")

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